I need a reviewer in DE!

Wanna to be a reviewer? I'll teach you here.
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I need a reviewer in DE!

Post by admin »

We have a new product and need a German buyer to evaluate it. I wonder if you are interested. The link is here:

The model is AM03


If you have any questions, please reply or private message me.

I will add a new model product section if necessary. :D :D :D :D
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Re: I need a reviewer in DE!

Post by actiftech »

Did you found your German reviewer?
I'm sorry to insist, but although French, I can also translate my reviews into English and German. Here in Europe, Germany is a neighbor of France. For your commercial development, you have to think "Europe", more united than ever in recent months with local geopolitical tensions. Give me a chance to show you my skills! Send me a computer, my video and pictures will be spread on Amazon US, Amazon DE and Amazon FR, including my own Youtube channel... I will send you a copy of the comments through Mega or another channel that would suit you. I remain at your disposal, but I could also tire myself that my desire to accompany you to Europe is systematically rejected... You would be wrong because, a dedicated employee only asking for one copy of your computers, by direct shipment from China to France, other than by DHL (therefore without additional taxes) and without any other salary, has become rare in Europe. "Hay que aprovechar" they say in Spain... Think about your answer my dear friends. Best regards. ;)
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Re: I need a reviewer in DE!

Post by pausenklaus »


i'm a reviewer in Germany (and Austria). I will gladly help you review any product. I usually post my reviews as soon as i receive the device including images and videos.
Please let me know if reviews in German are still needed.
I recently posted a review in the forum here and the same review in German on Amazon.
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