Bluetooth Keyboard

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Bluetooth Keyboard

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Has anyone ran into this problem ?

Windows 11 Pro.
I went to install the Bluetooth keyboard and it popped up with its own PIN number.
Had to go pee and when I can back, the PIN number was gone and just the cursor blinking were it should be.
Tried to Reinstall it, it came up to the same window, same cursor blinking waiting for me to plug in the PIN Number.

Searched for the fix on the internet, did a 6+ possible fixes, still will not give up another PIN number to try.
Went to Microsoft’s forum, still everyone nances around windows giving up a new PIN.

The only place that that keyboard (been tested, I I know it works) shows up in when I go to Install it. No places else on the windoze that shows a Bluetooth keyboard.
I can’t Uninstall it if it does not find it.Even System and Regedit can’t find it.
I shut Bluetooth off, waited until after supper, turned it back on, did the trouble shoot Bluetooth, still, it wants the Windows PIN.
Tried 0000, 1234, still nadda

Any ideas ?
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Re: Bluetooth Keyboard

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Could try pairing the keyboard to your phone and see how that works, then unpair it from the phone and try it again.
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